Purple Mantra

I tried my best, I tried my best
Failing healed me every time I tried
Broke the spell I broke the spell
I found Samadhi in myself tonight
I am stars and I am space
And now my head keeps spinning
In a Shiva dance tonight

I don't believe you, It never happened x2

I can leave or I can stay
Take my hand lets spend this time tonight
Stay awake just stay awake
Keep it empty in your mind tonight
Sheep and wolfs like sheep and wolfed
Thoughts and deeds are tearing me apart
You wanna take it all you wanna take it all
You can't control your wishes as they come to life

I don't believe you it never happened x2

Here I'm awake in this time of lies
Peace is going to stay in a heart of mine
A heart of mine


Passed out waiting for the night to go
Calm down you don't have to let me know
Stand still you're captured in a blinding spot lights
I don't have to say it to you
The world is crushing by your side

Living in chaos
Living in chaos
And waiting for, what you waiting for?

Still can't let you go, running with your chaos
Goodbye Aquarius, goodbye Aquarius
Still can't let you go since you got away
Goodbye Aquarius, goodbye Aquarius

Slow down climbing up the mountain walls
How hard do you wanna reach your goals
Backbeat constellations
Change their shapes and size
I don't have to say it to you
The world is crushing by your side

Living in chaos ...


So hard to find a love Devine
It turened so wrong the things I've done



I just wanna feel it, is it good of right?
It takes me by the nostrils, alright
I just wanna feel it everywhere I go
It turns me to a stranger everybody knows

I'm crazy most of the time
Is it hard to decide?
Baby-new, unnormolised,
I'm waiting for a waiter

Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, bizarre,
I'm feeling free tonight
Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, bizarre,
I'm shaking in a multiply
I left my head above the sky
And never never coming down
Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, bizarre,

I got it now,
I got it from you
Turn a person in two
Baby-new, unnormolised,
I'm waiting for a waiter

I red it in a fiction,
I heard it on the phone,
I've seen it in a tv,
I want more
Is it getting better, is it like before,
Don't answer now, don't answer

Night With You

Lying down on your bed
With my eyes blindfold
Everything you have said
Is making me do cold

You're wearing black lingerie
And a red lipstick
This bittersweet memories
They are so majestic

You can ask me anything
I'm thinking about you, thinking about you
I like the way you call my name
Oh, baby, come on!

I wanna spend this night with you
To stay with you now and forever
I wanna sleep tonight with you
To stay with you now and forever

You can do everything
Everything you wanted
You can kiss or you can sting
With my heart you've haunted

Hugging me with your thies
Breathing in so deeply
I'm lost in you eyes
Disappear completely

Is It Love

Help me out, I can never
Turn a page without a chance to return
Make it happen in a terms all or nothing
Shouting it out with a voice of my own

Is it love, is it love, Is it love, baby, is it love

Wake me up, time is coming
I can't stand the words burn in my head
You just met me in a wrong day and hour
Figure it out cause I should understand


Looking on the ghost of your past
You wonder for how long it's going to last
Is it love baby, is it love baby, Is it love baby,
Or I'm just killing time with you


I wanna love you honestly
In a corner of my dreams
I can't stand the words you lie
Is there's something you can hide?


I'm sitting in an empty room
With nothing much to do
And figuring out how to survive
But then I turned my head
And saw your picture on the wall
And suddenly it seams to come alive

You cried my name again over and over
I took your picture when a summer was over
And when I see you smiling nothing is over again

You're walking down an ocean shore
With freckles on your face
I've never seen a person smiled like you
Cause I'm filling down an empty spots
With memories fade away
But pictures, they are always here to stay

Matter Of Time

I got so high to look above
The city lights and I feel better
I got so high to realize
Everything that always matters

When someone is there

It's just a matter of time
That I'm breathing
The city will be
Always the same
Everything I want to ask
For this heart I've given
Remember me Remember me

This streets don't sleep and every day
I can hear the sounds of living
People come and walk away
Nothing to loose and no forgiving


Breathing out an atmosphere
I wanna save it all for you
Surely I can take you there
Another day when I can better explore you

Being with ones we want to be
No matter what we do we're not like the others
Immature but yet so free
And always not enough we look for another

All of the stars will shine
Until we are together
Nothing is hard, nothing is hard
Until the world goes round
It happens now or never
Nothing is hard, nothing is hard
If you are young

Tell me what you want to see
Everything will open before you
I am the one I want to be
And never be to old to adore you


Always young
Always better
If I stay along with you
Always fun
If I stay



The earth turns smaller
And space gets wider as we go
I like your colours
So deep and brighter down below

I fly so high
Watch me go
Just fly with me, fly with me
Without control
I've changed my colors
And gave to you
Just fly with me, fly with me
Without control

Moving faster
More quick than every ray of light
When everything is wrong
It always feels right


And a sun is just a little bit hotter
More hot than everything you know
The universe is just a little bit wider
More wide than everything you know